Premature-greying-page_Grey-hairThe American Hair Transplant Clinicoffers the finest services for the PREMATURE GREYING treatment in Ahmedabad to avoid premature greying and treat the grey hair. While greying of the hair is associated with the natural process of aging, but, this is always not the case. Premature greying of hair has become one of the common problems and is the result of improper protein synthesis in the hair. When the melanin (colour pigment) stops getting produced in the hair follicles, the hair start growing without any colour. We offer the best services to cure premature greying of hair while aiding you wit healthier hair growth.

Our Premature Greying Treatment Services

There can be an array of causative factors responsible for greying of hair ranging from improper protein synthesis, to stress, unbalanced diet and much more. We, at the American Hair Transplant Clinic ensure bestpremature greying treatment services in Ahmedabad by analysing the exact causes of greying. Afterwards, we offer a targeted treatment, which is safe and side-effects free.
We leverage the advanced techniques and a videoscopic magnifying microscope to carry out the correct diagnosis of the problem before starting the treatment. We ensure measurable and visible results in a short span of time.

Why Choose American Hair Transplant Clinic?

With several successful hair restoration procedures, we possess an enviable reputation for the best premature greying treatment services in Ahmedabad. Our team of doctors and medical technicians excels at delivering the highest standards of clinical excellence in the hair restoration niche. The vital factors which differentiate us from our competitors include:
• Best hair re-growth and transplant results
• Advanced and state-of-the-art clinical facilities
• Certified hair transplant surgeons and specialized medical technicians
• Latest hair transplant and restoration techniques
• Transparent and competitive pricing
• Clinical facilities designed specially to give our clients convenience and comfort
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